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Sofia Milos
Sofia Milos

Birth Date: September 27

Birth Place: Zurich, Switzerland

Height: 5' 8"


Sofia Milos Biography

Though her family would ultimately settle in Italy, Sofia Milos was born to a Greek father and Italian mother in Zurich, Switzerland. By the time she reached adolescence, Milos had demonstrated a clear knack for the liberal arts, and, in addition to proving herself a skilled painter, had become fluent in Italian, French, German, Greek, Suisse, Spanish, and English. Though she wouldn't begin acting until later in life, Milos nonetheless got used to public scrutiny when she won a beauty contest at the age of 14, beginning a successful modeling career a year later -- so successful, in fact, that the money she earned modeling throughout France, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States paid for her education at the School of Business and Economics in Switzerland.

In 1990, Milos decided to take up residence in the United States, where she spent time living in New York before settling down in Los Angeles. Shortly after her arrival, Milos began attending acting classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, which is led by renowned acting coach and director Milton Katselas. Milos worked primarily in theater circles until 1993, when she was cast in Café Americain, NBC's short-lived sitcom co-starring Valerie Bertinelli and Maurice Godin. Though the show wasn't a hit, the right people noticed her potential, and Milos began racking up an impressive television resumé. She appeared on Friends in 1995, made a guest appearance on Mad About You in 1996, and landed a reoccurring role on Caroline in the City from 1997-1998. Though she made her feature film debut in 1999 -- she played one of Tim Meadows' voluptuous love interests in The Ladies Man -- it wasn't until her performance as mob boss Annalisa Zucca on HBO's The Sopranos that she would achieve mainstream recognition.

HBO continued to showcase Milos' talents in Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, for which she played an entirely improvised role as the girlfriend of Richard Lewis. After several more unsuccessful television pilots and a guest spot on ER, Milos starred as a long-suffering widow opposite Jason Isaacs and Lupe Ontiveros in Passionada (2003). Following the film, Milos landed a regular role as detective Yelina Salas in the hit television drama CSI: Miami.

Sofia Milos Filmography

"Desire" .... Victoria Marston (4 episodes, 2006)
"CSI: NY" .... Detective Yelina Salas (1 episode: "MIA/NYC - NonStop (Pilot)" 2004)
Part Time (2004) (TV)
CSI: Miami (2004) (Video Game) .... M.D.P.D Homicide/Robbery Det. Yelina Salas (voice)
"ER" .... Coco (1 episode: "A Little Help from My Friends" 2003)
"CSI: Miami" .... Detective Yelina Salas (2003-2006)
"The Twilight Zone" .... Francesca (1 episode: "Future Trade" 2002)
The Cross (2002) .... Boss
Zio d'America, Lo (2002) (TV) .... Barbara Steel
Passionada (2002) .... Celia Amonte
The Order (2001) .... Lt. Dalia Barr
-- aka Jihad Warrior
"Thieves" .... Paulie (2 episodes, 2001)
Double Bang (2001) .... Carmela Krailes
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" .... Richard's Girlfriend / Sofia (2 episodes, 2000)
The Ladies Man (2000) .... Cheryl
-- aka The Ladies' Man
"The Sopranos" .... Annalisa Zucca (2 episodes, 2000)
Family Jewels (2000) .... Sarah Putanesca
-- aka Pride & Peril
Svitati (1999) .... Woman in Airport
-- aka Screw Loose
"The Love Boat: The Next Wave" .... Marisol (1 episode: "Dust, Lust, Destiny" 1998)
"The Secret Lives of Men" (1998) TV Series .... Maria
"Getting Personal" .... Dr. Angela Lopez (1 episode: "The Doctor Is In" 1998)
Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998) .... Young Sophia
-- aka Mafia!
"Caroline in the City" .... Julia Karinsky (2 episodes, 1997-1998)
-- aka Caroline
"Mad About You" .... Sarah (1 episode: "The Award" 1996)
Shadow-Ops (1995) (TV) .... Matya
"Strange Luck" .... Jill (1 episode: "The Box" 1995)
"Too Something" (1 episode: "Foreign Affair")
-- aka New York Daze
"Weird Science" .... Ali (1 episode: "Earth Boys Are Easy" 1995)
"Vanishing Son" .... Gale Heathe (1 episode: "Lock and Load, Babe" 1995)
"Platypus Man" .... Stella (1 episode: "Sweet Denial" 1995)
"Friends" .... Aurora (1 episode: "The One with the Butt" 1994)
"Cafe Americain" .... Fabiana Borelli (1 episode: "Love the One You're With" 1994)
Out of Control (1992) .... Kristin
-- aka Over the Line

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