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Emmanuelle Chriqui
Emmanuelle Chriqui

Full Name: Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui

Birth Date: December 10, 1977

Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5' 3"


Emmanuelle Chriqui Biography

Emmanuelle Chriqui was born on December 10th, 1977 in Montreal, Canada. The Moroccan Chriqui (pronounced shree-kee) family moved to Toronto when Emmanuelle was 6 years old. Emmanuelle and her older sister and brother spent the rest of their childhoods there. When Emmanuelle was 9, she realized that acting was something she wanted to do more than anything else. Her parents couldn't afford acting lessons but Serge, her older brother, who was 18 at the time, dipped into his own pockets and paid for the classes himself. With her family's unshakable support, a 10-year-old Emmanuelle began her acting career in a McDonald's commercial, with a dancing cheeseburger on her sweatshirt. More commercials followed but she had yet to be a superstar.

After a few years, Chriqui relocated to Vancouver and began auditioning for TV shows. Supporting herself by working as a waitress, she landed guest-starring roles in the mid-'90s, in Canadian series such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Forever Knight, Kung Fu, Once a Thief, and Psi Factor. Then came a succession of TV movies that allowed her to receive more exposure, including Harrison Bergeron (1995) with Christopher Plummer and Sean Astin, Unwed Father (1997), Principal Takes a Holiday (1998) with Kevin Nealon, and Futuresport (1998) with Wesley Snipes and Vanessa Williams. With these projects under her belt, Chriqui was ready for meatier parts. Hollywood came calling and she was offered a supporting role in Detroit Rock City (1999), the story of four teenage boys who try to attend a KISS concert. Even though her screen time was limited, it served as a stepping stone and her next movie, Snow Day (2000), put her on the map. In this Nickelodeon production, Emmanuelle portrayed Claire Bonner, the most popular girl in school. Once again, her name wasn't on the marquee but she left an impression and even starred in the Hoku music video for "Another Dumb Blonde" (from the Snow Day soundtrack).

Emmanuelle's next projects were the horror thriller Ricky 6 (2000) and the little-seen teen sex comedy, 100 Girls (2000). In the latter, she played Patty, a promiscuous artsy girl who turns out to be the most three-dimensional character in the film, having a more significant part than anticipated. Just when things started picking up for the raven-haired actress, she got the chance of a lifetime and was selected to appear in the Steven Spielberg science-fiction epic, Artificial Intelligence: AI. Chriqui was on the set for three days in the summer of 2000, but unfortunately her scene wound up on the cutting room floor. The same fate awaited her later that summer when she participated in the shooting of Todd Solondz's Storytelling, with Selma Blair. Still making her way up the Hollywood hierarchy, she won the coveted female lead in On the Line (2001), also known as the 'N Sync movie because it starred group members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone. She wasn't very knowledgeable about the band but got to hang out with them for a month before shooting and built chemistry with the boys. Chriqui's next role came two years later when she appeared alongside Eliza Dushku as Carly, a girl who is stalked by cannibals in Wrong Turn (2003). Currently living in L.A. and New York City, she has just finished shooting the fourth installment of the popular The Crow series, called The Crow: Wicked Prayer, which stars Edward Furlong, Tara Reid and Dennis Hopper; it's scheduled for release in 2005.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Filmography

Patriotville (2006) .... Lucy
After Sex (2007) .... Jordy
Deceit (2006)
Waltzing Anna (2006) .... Nurse Jill
"Entourage" .... Sloan (2005 - )
In the Mix (2005) .... Dolly
Adam and Eve (2005) .... Eve
The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005) .... Lilly
Waiting... (2005) .... Tyla
"Unscripted" .... Emmanuelle (Episode 1.10, 2005)
Candy Paint (2005) .... Angela Martinez
"The O.C." .... Jodie (2 episodes, 2005)
Tom 51 (2005) .... Chriqui
"Jake 2.0" .... Theresa Carano (1 episode: "Arms and the Girl" 2003)
Rick (2003) .... Duke's Long-Suffering Wife
Wrong Turn (2003) .... Carly
On the Line (2001) .... Abbey
100 Girls (2000) .... Patty
Snow Day (2000) .... Claire Bonner
Ricky 6 (2000) .... Lee
... aka Say You Love Satan
Detroit Rock City (1999) .... Barbara
Futuresport (1998) (TV Movie) .... Gonzales
Cuori in campo (1998) (TV Movie) .... Megan
... aka Greener Fields
... aka World Cup '98
"Once a Thief" (1 episode: "Last Temptation of Vic" 1998)
... aka John Woo's Once a Thief
Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) (TV Movie) .... Renee Laurent
... aka Alien Abduction: The McPherson Tape
... aka Incident in Lake County
A Champion's Fight: A Moment of Truth Movie (1998) (TV Movie) .... Cindy
... aka A Champion's Fight
... aka Don't Die My Love
... aka Shattered Hearts
Principal Takes a Holiday (1998) (TV Movie) .... Roxanne
"Kyûketsuki Miyu" (1997) TV Series .... Hisae (unknown episodes, 1997)
... aka Vampire Princess Miyu
"The Adventures of Sinbad" .... Serendib (1 episode: "Little Miss Magic" 1997)
Unwed Father (1997) (TV Movie)
"Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science" .... Rachel (1 episode: "Sex Fiend" 1997)
... aka Secrets of Forensic Science
"PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" .... Melissa (1 episode: "The Undead, The/Stalker" 1997)
"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" .... Amanda (1 episode: "The Tale of the Night Shift" 1996)
"Traders" .... Samira (1 episode: "The Natari Affair" 1996)
The Donor (1995) .... Patty
... aka The Doner
"Forever Knight" .... Jude Deshnell (1 episode: "The Black Buddha: Part 2" 1995)
Harrison Bergeron (1995) (TV Movie) .... Jeannie
... aka Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron
"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" .... Bumper (1 episode: "The Return of Sing Ling" 1995)

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