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Almudena Fernandez
Almudena Fernandez

Birth Date: January 1, 1977

Birth Place: Benavente, Spain

Occupation: Model

Height: 5' 8"

Measurements: 35-24-35


Almudena Fernandez Biography

Almudena Fernández is perhaps one of the most prolific Spanish models to ever grace a catwalk. The Spaniard is now a huge success in the fashion world, starting out like so many others as just a nobody.

Born in 1977, the Spanish national spent her early years in the province of Benavente, just south of the Cantabrian mountain range. As a young girl, she and her family moved to Madrid - one of the largest cities in Spain.

She was the runner-up in a huge modeling competition held by Spanish Elle, when she turned 18 after finishing her schooling. With the exposure that came with such a high-profile event, it was only a matter of time before the big players realized she had enourmous potential. Not long after the Spanish Elle competition, she entered in the European version and again came in second. It was at this point that Almudena decided she wanted to pursue a career in modeling.

Initially, she had the fortune to work with the likes of Lacoste, Bisou-Bisou, Wolford, Hanro, Hermes and the list goes on. Later, she even appeared on the covers of Elle and Cosmo, a well-worn and often quick path to mainstream popularity.

In 1998 she was the face of Carolina Herrera's Aquaflore fragrance and following this came another campaign to be the front-woman of Givenchy's new smell, Organza Indecence, since late 1999.

In a recent interview, Almudena talked about what it was like to be a seventeen-year-old in the Big Apple. Often talking about how worrisome it can be for mothers, she goes on to state that most models who start at a young age mature more quickly - more out of necessity than anything else.

Explaining that Latin models have a lot to offer, she recounts getting endless jobs in London because she was exactly what they didn't have. Along with model boyfried, Antonio Macian, she spends time in both New York and Paris, arguably the two epicentres of the fashion world.

Almudena prefers photography shoots as opposed to cat walk shows, describing them as more superficial than photos. With a great love of music, she loves to listen while doing a shoot, saying it helps her fit into the role she's trying to portray.

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